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New book promo

Check out this new book promo for ‘Beyond Falcon’s Reach’, by Jay Northearn, set for publisher release Aug 31st, 2018. Pre-order links are on Amazon and Lulu. Part One of the book ( that’s seven chapters ) are available to read for free on Booksie and Wattpad.

Special thanks for film editor Adam Barton for his help on this. Unlike the story, we’ve kept it short n’ sweet.

‘Beyond Falcon’s Reach’ cover release!

Well on the way for this Summer … here’s the wonderful cover release for ‘Beyond Falcon’s Reach’ from Florida-based speculative fiction publisher Nuff Said. Some people have asked me why I have not written a fantasy epic under my actual name. Well, it hardly makes one think of mysterious wastes, rugged mountains and the struggles of an ancient vampiric empire. Jay Northearn, I suspect, does have more zing, more ping … more … ah, just read it, right!

Beyond Falcon's Reach_New Cover


Publisher for Beyond Falcon’s Reach! Nuff Said!

Florida-based publisher Nuff Said are putting their name to ‘Beyond Falcon’s Reach’. After manuscript development on, I’ll be looking forward to seeing the project in full-bloom and available from e-book and print outlets later next year, maybe with a cover something like this.

Nuff Said are an independent press, publishing an innovative range of speculative fiction ( fantasy, sci-fi and everything in between ).

More details ( and hard work ) to follow!

BFRNew Cover1

New kid on the Blog!

‘Beyond Falcon’s Reach’ is currently available to read, not yet fully edited, at It’s written under pseudonym Jay Northearn ( that’s me )

This steampunk/gothic/medieval fantasy fusion gained Booksie’s Featured Read status, and as at time of this posting it’s a top for reads in the Fantasy category. More progress-postings are in the pipeline!

Check out the link:

Here’s the cover, subject to change: